Pioneer HVAC Duct Cleaning and Maintenance by Nirmitee Robotics, to maintain high -quality environment and air quality control in homes and offices worldwide.

Nirmitee Robotics is a pioneer HVAC Duct Cleaning and Ozone treatment Company established in 2016 by a dedicated, motivated group of young professionals –  Nirmitee Robotics has the unique distinction of having a patent of its HVAC cleaning and servicing Robots.

In today’s times HVAC Air Duct is the most common form of air supply, cooling, air-conditioning as also air quality maintenance. It is but common knowledge that over a period of time considering the air quality – dust, minute organisms, even pests including small birds, rodents and in rare cases large animals find themselves lodged in these ducts, thus suffering the air quality of the office, hospital, home premises that it serves.

Nirmitee Robotics makes custom- made robots – operated by machines that clean the inside of these ducts – by scrubbing, polishing, sucking, scraping and removal of the above said contaminants and provides the Ozone treatment to the ducts from the inside and thus sanitizes it for many more months to come.

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Sounds simple, yet this is a much needed requirement but equally postponed treatment to maintain the air quality of your work and home environment.

We service all over the globe with established offices in HongKong, Dubai and PAN India.

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