Nirmitee Robotics India Pvt Ltd has its own fleet of patented, duct cleaning robots, that are employed in its service to do the inspection, cleaning and post-cleaning operations.

Each of these duct cleaning robots have been developed by our R&D team for a specific purpose, like inspection survey, cleaning, scrubbing, dust sucking etc. All these robots are fitted with an advanced controller mechanism and a high resolution camera. These duct cleaning robots can reach areas that a human can never reach, and our camera robots can show you hidden contaminants in your HVAC Air Duct which would never have been possible by human visual inspection. Our purpose-built, duct cleaning robots can clean the most difficult to reach corners in your air duct, and give you super clean and healthy air, not possible by any other cleaning process. Bad Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) affects your employees and guests health, and should never be ignored.

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Our Duct Cleaning Robots line-up is as under:

  • Brush Robot
  • Survey Robot
  • Scrubber Robot
  • Suction Robot
  • Pneumatic Robot
  • Ozone Spray Robot
  • Camera Robot

All these duct cleaning robots are fitted with an advanced controller mechanism, and a high resolution camera to record the entire cleaning process for you to see later.

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Over the years at our cleaning jobs in many prestigious organizations, we have found the most amazing and unimaginable contaminants, including dead birds, rats, animal excreta and even a dead dog to be lodged in these Air Ducts! Using our state-of-the-art duct cleaning robots, we have successfully removed all these deadly contaminants from HVAC air ducts and sterilized the ducts to make them safe and healthy. Our cameras record it all and we present it to you for your record and use.

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