Regular and thorough Air Duct Cleaning is important for several reasons. Some of the main reasons are listed below:

HVAC Air Duct Cleaning is very important - Nirmitee Robotics

1. Accumulation of dust inside the ducts

From the outside, the Air Ducts appear closed from all sides but various kinds of dust keep accumulating inside them. These include harmful bacteria and organisms, dead pests and insects like rats, lizards, insects, cockroaches etc. Other things including cob-webs, algae and fungi, pieces of paper, human hair etc also clog them over the time. If Air Duct Cleaning is not done from time to time, these contaminants can:

  • Generate noxious odour.
  • Circulate germs and bacteria through the air system into your body.
  • Obstruct the flow of air through the ducts resulting in a dip in performance.
  • Cause the entire HVAC system to develop technical snags and fail.

The only solution is regular HVAC Duct Cleaning.

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2. Health hazards

We all are very well aware what contaminated air and pollution can do to human health and well-being. Whether at home or at the place of work, inhaling polluted air constantly is bound to affect our health, which can, over the period, prove fatal.

As any HVAC air duct essentially circulates the same air in the house or building, the micro-dust particles, various hazardous chemicals used in certain pest control techniques, the viruses and bacteria present in the air, dead rodents and pests as well as other kinds of dust that accumulate in the ducts, pollute the air that is circulating in them.

We inhale this polluted air all day during our long working hours. In the worst-case scenario in hotels, guests sleep all night breathing polluted air from unclean ducts. This puts our health and that of our employees, visitors and customers at a great risk because we have allowed the pollutants to enter all of our systems through these very ducts that are meant to circulate air.

Did you know?

According to the World Health Organization, in the year 2000 alone, indoor air pollution was responsible for more than 1.5 million deaths and 2.7% of the global burden of disease. It has been proven that various respiratory related diseases, numerous communicable diseases and different allergies spread only because the air we breathe is not clean.

The main culprits are unclean and unhygienic HVAC Air Ducts in our residential and/or office buildings, that are not being cleaned properly and regularly.

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3. Technical snags in the HVAC System and its service life

If the dust and pollutants accumulated over the years in the HVAC Air ducts are not cleaned, they put extra load on the efficiency of the system. By obstructing the flow of air, the dust forces the HVAC system to work at its maximum efficiency, requiring higher power in a sustained manner. This causes wear and tear of the components, necessitating their frequent replacement. Besides, the quality of air degenerates, the life of the entire HVAC is reduced and is required to be changed much before the expected time frame. Regular Air Duct Cleaning will help you get more years of productive life out of your expensive HVAC system.

4. Financial burden

An HVAC is a huge investment. Its running cost is also a big drain on the resources, because it requires utilities like water and electricity in enormous amounts besides taking up a lot of space. In such a scenario, clogged and unclean ducts tax the machinery, reduce its efficiency and increase the wear and tear of parts. This means the running and maintenance cost of your HVAC system goes up even higher, directly or indirectly. The cost of increased electricity and water bills, frequent replacement of spare parts and at times, and replacement of the entire machinery itself could actually surpass the original investment.

A regular Air Duct Cleaning program will make sure your energy bills stay down.
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