Nirmitee Robotics India Pvt Ltd  is a pioneer HVAC Air Duct Cleaning Company based in Nagpur, India, with offices around the world. The company specializes in Ozone treatment and Sterilization of HVAC Air Ducts. The company is proud to have developed its own patented, air duct inspection and air duct cleaning robots. Nirmitee Robotics India Pvt Ltd was established in 2016 by a group of young, dedicated and motivated  professionals.

Nirmitee Robotics India Pvt. Ltd - Headquarters & Research Center
Nirmitee Robotics India Pvt. Ltd – Headquarters & Research Center

A committed management team anchors the organization effectively to its goal of providing high quality solutions to its clients. Equipped with technical expertise, excellent domain knowledge and extensive cross-functional experience, they nurture interactive relationships with the client community.


  • Jay Motghare, Director, Nirmitee Robotics India Pvt Ltd.Jay Mothghare - Director, Nirmitee Robotics India Pvt. Ltd.

Jay Motghare is a self-motivated entrepreneur and the brain behind Nirmitee Robotics. He brings to the table, extensive work experience from multinational companies, and their professional spirit. Travelling throughout the country, he leaves no stone un-turned in marketing his business of HVAC Air Duct Cleaning. He leads his team with his enthusiasm, his knowledge of the service industry and his un-tiring energy to give the optimum solutions in the minimum time.

Jay has the unique distinction of spearheading the HVAC Air Duct Cleaning and resolution in critical working conditions like Server rooms, hospital operation theaters, hospital duct cleaning and data center duct cleaning projects etc.

Jay is the pioneer behind handling the patenting of the duct cleaning robot and the duct inspection robot from the prestigious VNIT, Nagpur, India.

A graduate from Nagpur university and an IIPM from Chennai. He has worked with MNC’s like GE, Infosys, for 5 years.

Contact number – + 91 93735 22130 | Email address:

  • Kartik Shende, Director, Nirmitee Robotics India Pvt LtdKartik Shende - Director, Nirmitee Robotics India Pvt. Ltd., Director, Vithoba Industries Pvt Ltd

Mr Kartik Shende is a true-blue industrialist, heading the very successful Vithoba Industries, he also enthusiastically participates in the working, marketing, daily decision making of Nirmitee Robotics India Pvt Ltd. His presence brings to the table his networking prowess in the industry circles, as also his astute business decision making skills.
Kartik has many good years of experience in direct selling, collaborating with partners, merchants and is a shrewd businessman, understanding the nuances of the businesses very well.

Contact number – + 91 98227 22477 | Email address:

Mr Rajesh Admane, the soft-spoken business giant leads the Business Development. His focus is on operational excellence and growth. He has over 15 years of comprehensive experience in all the facets of Industry working, its evolution and the governmental procedures.

He is currently the MD of ORAIPL (Ozone Research and Applications India Pvt Ltd) and is the backbone of Nirmitee Robotics India Pvt Ltd. An expert in Petrochemical Engineering, he is one of the visionaries behind the emergence Nirmitee Robotics. With an experience of 20 years in water management, he forms a pillar of the ORAIPL group and Nirmitee Robotics India Pvt Ltd.

Contact number – + 91 94221 02274 | Email address:

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